ComputerSmiths Consulting


We are a service-based consulting business providing customized computer hardware and software solutions to clients.  Computers are a business tool, not an end in themselves, and many businesses spend valuable time and effort in setting up and maintaining systems instead of engaging in primary business activities.  We can assist you in streamlining your business by recommending, implementing and maintaining integrated hardware and software solutions to maximize data integrity and availability.

For all Your Small Business Needs

We will be there when you need us, with the tools and knowledge to get your business running smoothly and keep it that way.

Services include, but are not limited to, web design and implementation, database management, network support, hardware solutions, backup solutions, antivirus software and malware removal.  Contracts will be on a fee-for-service basis.  Our target market is small companies with a few to several computers that require customized computer solutions and/or are ready to establish a web presence.

We handle PC and Mac based hardware and software.

Contact Information


Hardware/Networks/Virus Management:


Telephone:    (978) 664-3083

Fax:               (978) 664-4281

Mail:              PO Box 438, North Reading, MA 01864